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evisitor and 189 visa

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I have been searching on the forums but could find the answer any ideas?


Once an application has been submitted for a 189 visa does that cancel the tourist visa? So far only an EOI has been submitted as my Partner is in the process of applying for a 189 visa but no invitation to apply has been offered as we expect this to be offered in July once the ceiling has been reset.

We are planing to do a reckie later this year but wasn't sure of the implications of a potential pending 189 visa application with an eVisitor tourist visa ?


Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

OH submitted ACS 261111 ICT Business Analyst 19/02/2013 Positive assessment 26/04/2013 - EOI 189 submitted 26/04/2013 (will have to wait as ceiling reached)

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No only the grant of a visa will cancel any previous ones. If you plan to travel after the visa has been applied for you need to let your CO know, but otherwise it will be fine.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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