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Guest Corkie

being sponsored by a Step Uncle

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Guest Corkie

Hi all


We are now looking at the 176 visa route using family sponsorship. The family i have is a step uncle. i have had it confirmed that step is fine but i have never met him. provisionaly they have agreed to sponsor us but has anyone used family to sponsor them that can give me a first hand idea of how much they are supposed to get involved. I have read all the links to immi which show what they are required to do to supports us. All being well we will be financially dependent when we go from selling our home so does that make it better for the sponsor. Sorry this is so long winded.... I know australians are really helpfull friendly bunch but how big an undertaking is it agreeing to sponsor family especially when its not very close family? i am worried that the whole process will be too much and they will change their mind about sponsoring?



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