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resident return visa information needed

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Guest vf400



Just wondering if anybody out there has much info regarding the five year resident return visa. I have a permanent resident visa but was just wondering if you go home for a few years after the permanent visa expires for example mine will expire after 2012 i think even though its permanent. just wondered if I went home for some years and decided to come in after 2012 would i be elgible to come back in again permanently if I have spent less than two years in aus only been here for 5 months but was thinking of going back to do a 3 year couse in uk and then may want to stay in england for a bit but a bit worried that if i decided to come back a few years later that I would not be elgible to get back in. Unforntately dont want to wait 4 years to get citizenship and then do course any info would be appreciated just looked on goverment website but this is a bit confusing.


Also if you cant get back in do you have to go through visa process again or would they not allow you back because you did not make the most of the first permanent visa you were given.

cheers vicky:chatterbox:

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Not unless you have any ties in Australia where the ywill grant you a new 5 year RRV without having the 2 year residency. Maybe a compromise plan would be worth considering. Do your 2 years and then leave Australia - it is then easy to manufacture a nearly 8 year absence and still maintain permission to return as a resident.



Anthony Coates MARN: 0601801



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