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Applying for state sponsored PR while on a 457 in another state

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Hi there,I was just wondering if any of you have applied for state sponsorship for permanent residency whilst working on a 457 visa in another state? i.e. working in NSW on a 457 when you apply for state sponsorship for SAIf any of you have done this did it cause any issues? I have spoken to Immigration on this and they advised that there wouldn't be a problem, however when looking at the SA specific criteria you need to be in SA at the time of application if on a 457 Visa.Appreciate any insights from users who have experience with thisThanks!E

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is there someone that can help, i wanna know if its possible too.

OET; 12/06/12 Speaking:A Reading:B Writing:B Listening:B; AHPRA sent: 05/08/13; Received: 09/08/13. LOE: 03/14. Where are MH Nurses Jobs with 457:arghh:

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