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Need VEVO System Visa Check Help

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Hello Friend I am very much confuse about Australian visa VEVO system check. Because I am got a visa and I am checking it VEVO system but problem is that when I am check it there need e extra X before my Passport number. This is confusing for me. Lest I am clear it my passport number suppose C197xxxx but when I am check my visa then there need one extra X before my passport number like XC197xxxx. If I am put this extra X before my passport number then everything will all right and show my name and my visa grant all information but why this extra X need before my passport number..!!! Please anyone help me for understand the issue it is really a big problem for me. So, if anyone know about this mater pls clear if for me. I am badly need your help.

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Welcome to poms in oz.


Why is it a big problem? Have you tried calling the number on the vevo page and asking?

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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