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Relocating to Sydney in September.Where to Live and schools?

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I am relocating my family to Sydney in September on a Business sponsored 457 visa. We have two young girls aged 6 and 4.


My office is based in Neutral Bay but we are likely to live in the Eastern suburbs, Rose bay or Bronte as we have friends in these areas. Mosman is also an option as it will be close to work.



Can anyone help with one or all of the following questions.



What are the good schools to look at?

How difficult will It be to enrol in the schools if we don't arrive until September? Should we do this before we leave?

Will my girls get into Catholic schools if they are not baptised although I am a Catholic?

How negotiable is the rental market, 3 bed houses seem to be in the region of $1200 a week upwards?

How long would the commute be from Rose bay to Neutral bay if I was driving at 7am?

Can my wife work on my business sponsored 457 visa?

We are planning to take a container of furniture. Is there any point bringing white goods and TV's? Will they be compatable?



I have tons more questions but any help with these would be great


Thanks in Advance



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Schools, all those areas are very affluent so I expect most schools to be pretty good, it usually goes that way (unfortunately). The rule with public schools is that if you're in catchment, then they have to take you (disclaimer: I have heard hearsay that on a temporary visa, as you are, they don't HAVE to, but I've never known anyone this has been applied to. We are in catchment for a very popular public school on a 457 and it was not an issue). I assume you are aware that in NSW public schools come with a $4500 a year price tag if on a 457 visa? Shouldn't be a drama if you can afford to live in those areas but it's all to be factored in.


Private schools is a bit different. Many will tell you they have waiting lists a mile long and often that is the case, however places do come up and at primary level especially they are not nearly so oversubscribed. You will have to contact them individually to find out


I don't know about entry requirements to Catholic schools although they don't seem that stringent, on the whole. I've never looked into it in any detail as it's not an option for us


The rental market is not really negotiable at all. There is a shortage of good housing, a lot of what is on the market (even at that price point) is rubbish so if a place is any good, they'll find a taker PDQ. A seller's market I'm afraid, just got to suck it up. Those prices seem about right.


Commute would not be an issue - you are against the flow of traffic across the harbour. It is busy through Kings Cross but at 7am I can't see it being a problem. I'd say (total guess) 15-20 minutes maybe


Your wife can work on a 457 but may not find it that easy to find work. 457 spouses represent a risk for employers so they generally look to citizens & PR first. Depends on the market of course


White goods I would bring - they are expensive here. TVs are compatible although the digital Freeview tuner bit probably isn't, but with a local set top box or Foxtel it will work perfectly. I would again bring them, although TVs (and other black goods) are NOT expensive here, weirdly, whereas white goods are


​HTH. IN a hurry, off to work. Good luck!

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I don't know much about schools so will leave that to others. For rentals, no you won't have space to negotiate there, these are desirable, expensive areas and people will be prepared to pay, $1,200 is a good budget but it is not an excellent one, not for these areas.

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