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X-ray for pregnant spouse, who holds an existing 457work permit

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Hi, I have a query regarding x-ray test for my pregnant wife. We had applied for visa class 189. We got a CO assigned. Before going for the x-ray test my wife tested positive on pregnancy. We are in Singapore but hold an Indian passport. Due to the test results we refrained from the x-ray test (also suggested by doctors). All other tests were done successfully.


My wife already holds a class 457 Australian work permit valid for 4 years. She got all her medicals done for 457 few months back. Question is can the visa 457 x-ray test result be used for her 189 visa? She travels to Australia frequently on 457 visa based on her earlier medicals.


Please help me in someone has already faced such a condition. Thank you!

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Welcome to poms in oz.


I don't 'think' you can do that, but you never know, it's worth asking your co. If they are over a year old it will certainly be a no.

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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