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uk driving licence to wa licence etc

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My wife just passed her driving test just yesterday and i must say it was phew,not gonna say how many time she tried and has been unlucky with weather and it being canceled even on the day her instuctor let her down saying something is up with car late the night before,so i said lets do it in my car,and she passed.

I would say her last chance to try as we are going end of may and i just had these thought in my head she be lost without being able to drive a car over there with a 9 month old and and it would be like driving all over again,getting used to roads and everything else.


Now my question is when she was learning and when she had a few tests her maiden name was on her provisional,we forgot to change this to her married name,Her examiner took her stuff and i suppse they send it away for her full licence.

Now she called them and asked what happens with this they said well as its processing etc nothing they can do about it now,just wait two weeks for the licence and then foward it back to them with the documents of showing being married.

We are going end of may and we might not get this back before we go,if not no worries as there is always family here than can send it on,but i was wondering would there be any point in changing her maiden name before we go?

Will there be an issue when we get oz licence that her name is now her married name and her driving licence is maiden?


Also when you get your oz licence or whould i say wa one,what do they ask for and what happens to your uk one i take you keep this?Would it best for us to make the changes to her uk one before we leave?


This will be one of many things we will need to get apply for or sort out when we arrive and just wanted some feedback on what happens with licence etc

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Hi bwatt99

Changing your UK license to WA is easy as long as you have the id required, (proof of address, Medicare card etc) all you do is an eye test. I would recommend the UK license is in her married name. You have 3 months from the day you arrive to obtain your WA license. Hope this helps!

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