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Suburb advice in Melbouurne (to commute to Camberwell)

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Hello all,

Well we are booked in for the big move, I'm moving in May (and will be working in Camberwell) and my husband is coming over soon after. We are lucky in that we have family to stay with for the first couple of months while we get ourselves sorted and the other half finds work.

I want to pick your brains about where to live (and if it is doable in our budget):


Option 1

Ideally we would like to live around Carlton area - central but not right in the CBD, with me traveling east (and we may be getting a housemate that works in the west) we would be looking for a townhouse or something similar for 3 adults.

We have a dog (cocker spaniel) in NZ who will be staying with family until we can find a house - how hard is it to rent with pets? We would be looking at around $400-450. He doesn't need a lot of room (we have a small townhouse in NZ and he is fine) - but I'm more concerned with how hard it might be to secure a rental with a dog?


Option 2

If we can't arrange this my husband and are are thinking we go north east/east/south east so we could find somewhere under $400 where we could definitely have the dog. This would just be my husband and I and he will most likely be commuting into the CBD on public transport so limiting the commute to under an hour each way is important.


Thanks in advance :)

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Carlton is an expensive area as are the areas around. My friend's daughter has an apartment in North Melbourne and the one above her just rented for $550.00 a week and its two bedroom first floor no balcony. The problem with the area is its close to Melbourne University, St Vincents Hospital, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Childrens Hospital, Eye and Ear Hospital and therefore lots of medicos looking to live in the area. Also university students and staff. There are a lot of apartment blocks designated for students only. Pets can be a problem especially in apartments and town houses. I suggest you look on realestate.com.au and look at areas such as Carlton, East Melbourne, Richmond, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Parkville, Fitzroy, Brunswick. Fitzroy is very very popular and not cheap, wrecks rent well for quite a lot. My daughter pays over three hundred dollars a week for a one bedroom apartment in Brunswick which could not swing a cat in.


Going further out you could look at Elwood, Caulfield South, Prahran, South Yarra, Armadale. Looking at Camberwell you could look at Glen Iris, Malvern, Hawthorn,Balwyn.


Anywhere 10 km from the city is not cheap and three bedroom apartments town houses would be the most expensive to find.


Join up with Life in Victoria there is a link at the foot of this forum and a lot of the people are new arrivals so will be able to help you with their experience of renting with animals etc.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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Hi again,

We've been doing some major research and have narrowed it down a little further - any feedback would be appreciated. We will be looking for a house or a townhouse. The suburbs we are looking at are:

- Brunswick (both East and West)

- North Melbourne

- Richmond

- Kew/Kew East

- Caulfield North

- Camberwell

- Prahran (how do you say that????)

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As I said before my daughter lives in Brunswick West between Sydney Road and Lygon Street and she loves it there. Her oh lives in Fitzroy, they are a modern couple lol. That is their stomping ground. North Melbourne can be difficult for transport, my friend's daughter walks to work as its a hike to the nearest public transport.


Richmond good and bad ares, Burnley not recognised as desirable. Also not near the high rise flats is desirable. They are building a lot of high rise flats there as well.


Love Kew and Ivanhoe, Heidelberg Heights very nice has train line.


Prefer Caulfield South to North but north does have the Frankston and Dandenong train lines, whereas south you have to use the Sandringham line or take a tram.


Lived in South Caulfield so know it well, also lived in Elwood and Balaclava similar area.


Camberwell is very desirable, think its still dry though as Box Hill is a dry council in other words no pubs etc.


Prahran praaaaan is a ok place to live, as is South Yarra, Armadale. Chapel Street is very busy, doof doof cars seem to like being seen on Chapel St. Good shopping and eats.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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