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Vetassess skills assessment help please!!!!

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my oh has today received confirmation that he has passed stage one of the skills assessment. He is an electrician with 10 years practical experience. I have just gone on to the vet assess website to book his practical but London is now fully booked so we are left with Belfast 22/05/13.


The problem is he is now having a coronary that its only three weeks away! He has his ielts booked for the 27th April and is worried it's all to much in a short space of time. Our problem is he turns 40 in September and we need to get our SS in.


So my question is: can anyone please give us some advice on that the practical day entails? I have read somewhere that the formulas are on the back of the test sheet and that the motor circuit has the diagram to follow, is this correct?


Does he really need to panic and what are the best things to revise or read up on?

Any help will be most great fully received!!!!! :biggrin:

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Just a bump up for you.

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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Hi my husband did his ielts test 2 days before his general electrician vetasses practical and passed both with flying colours, this was 2011 and many things have changed (don't expect to get A license straight away). However he did say that the examiner was able to give some tips during the practical. Hope this helps, good luck

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