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Child Visa 101 - Anyone know how long it takes to allocate case officer?

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We sent in our application last week with Police Checks and everything enclosed to try and speed things up. All we need now is a Case Officer and to get the bub's medicals done.


Can anyone tell us how long it took you to get a Case Officer allocated? Just wondering as I am checking my emails every day obsessively since we only have til Dec 2013 to make the final move.


Thanks :biggrin:

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I can happily answer my own question! We sent in the application 4th April special delivery and received word from our Case Officer 10th April.

I don't know if this is standard or if we are just lucky this time but that is the visa application underway...

Medicals next!


Hope this might help someone else if they have the same question.

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Thanks for the info, that helps us a lot! My wife is expecting baby number 3, we all have visas already validated and just need to get a visa for the new baby so we can go. I was wondering how long it would take, I don't want to be hanging around for six months waiting on a case officer etc.


Did you use an agent for this Visa?

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