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Good hairdresser in north brisbane ?

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Hi All,


Arrived in Brisbane two months ago and now my hair is in desperate need of a good cut and colour. Have looked at similar threads but the last one is over a year old and things change, people move salons etc........


Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser ? I am in Arana Hills but am willing to travel so any recommendations are most welcome !


Many thanks

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I have just had my hair done by a lovely Scottish girl who has recently moved here, best cut I've had since I arrived and colour was great too - none of the counting foils nonsense which they do here! A few of my friends have also had her do their hair and all have been delighted. You can either go to her place which is close to Southbank Station or she will come to you (although she doesn't have a car at the moment).


If you call or text she can give you a price - Sarah 0403 531 512


I want her to get her loads of customers so she won't want to leave here - I'll be seriously gutted if she does!

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