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Applying for 190 visa...Some doubts needs clarifications

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Dear All,...


I am applying my ACS sometime next week...and have 70 points and applying under 190 subclass..

I plan to take my wife and kid(3yrs old now) once i get a job and settle...


1. Is education free for kids when under 190 subclass.

2.I am a software professional...any idea where i may be put into? as in which state may sponser me?

3. Where can i get reliable info on what all needs to be done on landing in OZ?As i have not many friends there?

We have made the decision...a little tensed till things srt out:biggrin:

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Hi Frnds...


Waiting to hear from you!!!

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1. you can get free education under a permanent residency visa.


2. have a look on the specific states sites as to which sponsor for your occupation. They do change them from time to time.


3. probs best ask more specific questions. Tax file number, accomodation and job spring to mind.


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