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Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

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The wife is Texan.I would move there but for the fact the monster in law lives there. Yes there are guns, big deal. They have the right to defend themselves, good for them. Some of their guns in my opinion are over the top, but so are their waistlines, cars, houses and attitudes. It is not the wild west or some cop movie you have seen, it is normal life, going to work, eating dinner and sleeping. I wish I could have a cheeseburger from sonic, some tater tots and a big gulp glass of rootbeer.

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You ignore the fact that the writers of the constitution could not see into the future. No multiple clips of ammunition, fire one shot and stop to reload was the order of the day. Doesn't matter about how many people, young and old, die as long as you can go into Walmart and buy as many guns and as much ammunition as you like and then go home and leave them lying about where any idiot can pick them up.It appears that you will fit in well with the general Texan populous.



More mis-information. The founding fathers didn't create a 2nd amendment based on weapon type - it was created to support the right of self-defense, resistance to oppression and as a civic duty to defend the States themselves from foreign invasion by oppressive countries.

It is a basic human right.

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