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Reccie with EOI

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can anyone answer;


can you visit Australia if you have submitted a EOI?


We are planning a reccie trip if we receive a positive assessment from ACS and are looking at going to Melbourne in May.We have a tourist visa but didn't want to confuse matters if a EOI was submitted.


I understand that once you apply for a 189/190 this can invalidate the tourist visa but wasn't sure about just an expression of interest.


many thanks in advance


oh p.s. my OH skill has reached the ceiling for this year and wondered if we do get a positive assessment is it also worth doing the EOI straight away or wait until July (my instinct is to apply asap so we are the queue and in the system but may be wrong) :notworthy:

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OH submitted ACS 261111 ICT Business Analyst 19/02/2013 Positive assessment 26/04/2013 - EOI 189 submitted 26/04/2013 (will have to wait as ceiling reached)

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In general a visa "grant" will override other visas that you have. So an EOI or an application for a visa will not affect your tourist visa until your visa is ultimately granted. However if you apply off-shore they cannot grant your visa if you are then on-shore as a tourist, so you have to leave for it to be granted.


The EOI prioritisation is based on the date you submit a valid EOI, or change it in such a way that your points are recalculated. As such I'd get the EOI in as soon as you can, so that if / when the occupation is available again you are nearer the head of the queue. Leaving it until later means people who submit before you have higher priority (given the same points score).



NB: All advice above is "amateur". Best bet if unsure is to consult a MARA registered agent.

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189 Skilled Independent, 261313 - Software Engineer. ACS lodged June 2012, Positive July 2012. IELTS 1st September 2012 (9,9,9,9). EOI submitted 15th September, invitation received 30th Septemeber. 189 Applied October 2012, Granted December 2012, Activated 10th March 2013 :biggrin:

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