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Defacto spouse 100 visa (309 second stage)

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Hi guys just wanted to see if people had done their second part of the defacto spouse visa, for permanent residency, and how long it takes,


I am just waiting my police check I have the stat decs so just need to send it off and wait

Up to stage 2 waiting for the 100 visa to be sorted !!!Loving the aussie life

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Guest GeorgeD

This is the best thread for info on 2nd stage processing times:




The published time is aroudn 10 months. Some take a couple of weeks. Mine took 4.5 months. It's a bit random to be honest. Others do take the full 10 months. it may vary depending on the state you live in (so the office processing can be different) There isn't really much you can do to make it faster, it's just your luck.


After they received my paperwork I didn't hear a single thing from them...I didn't even know I had a CO until I got a letter saying I was a permanent Resident!

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