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Swapping Sponsors on a De facto/Partner visa

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I did a quick search and could not find a any post related. So hope I will get some more information here.


My question is:


Can I swap sponsors on a partner visa?


The situation is:


1) I moved to Australia over 4 years ago, in January 2009 . I applied for a partner visa and a health waiver due a health condition I found at that time.

2) In February 2011 my visa was refused by DIAC and I applied for a review at the Migration Tribunal ( MRT ) in April 2011

3) My relationship was over just after I applied for the review on MRT. I communicate the end of my relationship to MRT and kept my bridging visa.

4) On March 2011 I met a new person and we start date, we moved together on August 2011. And he makes me the most happiest person alive since then.


So, my question again is:


Can I swap my old sponsor for this new one?

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You need to speak to a registered migration agent.


You can not swap sponsors it would be a new application.


You may have issues with the limitations on sponsorship.

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