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Family of 4 Melbourne to Brissy - advice needed pls!

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Hi all,


I am new to this forum and would be so grateful for some pointers!


Here's our story -


Myself, my husband and our 2 kids (4&6) moved to Victoria from the UK in 2011 and my husband has been given the opportunity to relocate to QLD with his current job! After some thought we have decided to give it a try while the kids are still young enough to adapt etc.


My husband will be based in either Northgate or Murrarie so what I am wanting to know is -




  • Which suburbs are best for familes? We quite like small communities.
  • Which suburbs should we avoid for flooding etc?




We love outdoor life so are equally happy with being close to the beach or in the hills as long as we are close to most amenities.


My husband is happy to commute an hour each way from his work to be in a nice, reasonably priced suburb.


Schools I know are a hard one to recommend so I guess I can research those once I have pin pointed a suburb!


Equally amongst the facts we would love to hear about life living in Brisbane, we are very used to weird Melbourne weather and lifestyle so it would be interesting to hear peoples stories :-)


Thanks in advance for any help :-)



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I dont think you can avoid an entire suburb because of floods as alot of places may only have a certain street or two that have issues. The council do have some good flood maps on line so you may find these helpful.


Also check out our other site www.lifeinqueensland.com we have a few members there who have moved interstate..


Cal x

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No I know but as I know absolutely nothing about any of the suburbs I was hoping people might be able to give me a starting point!! The floods are my main concern! I was so grateful for suburb advice when I moved to Victoria! I have posted in life in qld but not really had any response, never mind, Thank you :-)

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The council maps are a great idea. Google "Flood maps" Brisbane or Moreton Bay (if you go a bit further north). I did this when I narrowed down to some suburbs.


I don't know anything about south of the river but can tell you a little about some decent surburbs north side. Albany Creek is a really nice one and has a good sense of community. Also Eatons Hill (you go into Albany Creek to do most of the shopping). Cashmere is a lovely suburb too. McDowall and Bridgeman Downs too. Just north near Cashmere you have Warner where you get more house for your money but the blocks are small and it's a bit more of a mixed suburb.

If you want to be near the coast Shorncliffe and Sandgate are nice but more expensive.


For schools look at http://www.myschool.edu.au/ This is really good to give you an idea of size of the school, socio-economic break down and NAPLAN results. Just be a bit careful with the NAPLAN results to check how many % attended as some schools seem to fix their figures by having a % on a field trip that day!

Of the suburbs I mentioned I know that Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, McDowall and Shorncliffe had well performing schools when I was researching (just over a year ago). Shorncliffe, Eatons Hill and McDowall both have (or did then) strict catchment areas that were enforced so you had to live there to get into the school.

They are all state schools.


There are definitely some nice surburbs nearer to Northgate too but I'm not really familiar with that area. I think there might be a member or two Chermside way who will hopefully be able to help you out more.

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If your husband is working at Murrarie, go look at Wynnum nearby - it's right on Moreton Bay (beautiful) and has a very nice laid back feel to it.

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