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Tracking Victoria SS 190 status

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Hey there, is anybody aware how can we track the status of applications processed by VIC gov in granting State Sponsorship's ? I've applied for my VIC SS on 15Nov12 and they acknowledged it on 19Nov12. got no updates from them since then. I'm worried !!


Like SA and WA has a proper channel via which you can track the date of applications that are being processed. Any idea about how can we do it in case of Vic ??

ACS - 18/10/12|VIC SS Applied/Refused - 15/11/12 - 25/02/13|ACT SS Applied/Approved - 12/03/13 - 29/04/13|190 Filed - 06/05/13 |CO (J.C Team 31 Brisbane) - 01/06/13|Medicals - 11/06/13| PCC- 24/09/13 | Grant - 25/09/13

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