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Need help with your vetassess electrical practical assessment....my experience

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    On 2/2/2013 at 01:15, Ramsay said:


    I used this forum lots to prepare me for my practical assessment. Havin passed I thought it would try and pass on some info.


    There are 4 parts to the day

    1) Electrical Installation

    2) Written exam

    3) Safe isolation/disconnect - reconnect

    4) DOL motor control circuit



    1) The first part is defo the easiest, just like a shortened version of the AM2. My tip is to look at the drawing and draw the installation on the board first, using the correct measurements. You will be required to test your installation afterwards and fill out a test sheet.


    2) The written exam can be difficult, it's all about trying to remember what you did back at college.

    here are some example questions:


    - a coil of wire exhibits self inductance. Inductance is measured in ?


    - the peak value of a sine wave with a rms value of 7.07 volts AC is ?


    - a lagging power factor indicates that the circuit is ?


    - Two 1.7 kw heating elements connected in parallel to a 230v supply will draw a current of ?


    - Two inductors with inductive reactance of 0.20 ohms and 0.52 ohms are connected series. The total inductive reactance is ?


    these questions are all multiple guess but I don't remember what the 4 options were.



    3) disconnect/reconnect (safe isolation) is probably the most difficult part of the day, just because that its process that everything has to be done in order. If its not you will lose points or could fail it instantly.


    4) DOL...you only need to concentrate on the control side of the circuit. The motor is already connected and just requires you to make the links between the certain connections. You also have to connect a remote stop/start. There is basically a board fitted with all the components and using a pre made male lead, connect each end into the female plugs on the board. Just work through the system methodically and you will be fine. At the end you will have to walk away whilst the assessor puts a fault on the circuit, then return and find and correct the fault. In some instances it may be easy to just pull all the cables out and start again (if you struggling to find the fault). After this you will be required to draw the control circuit that you have just wired using the symbols that are one the sheet.




    Im not going to lie, it's a very intense day. The assessors are not wanting you to fail but they obviously can spot a blagger. I was fortunate enough to pass first time but appreciated the help massively from sites like this.


    best of luck

    thanks for this important info for us.

    Can someone please guide me that where from can i get study topics n notes for written exam.



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