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857 Health Waiver- We got it!!! RSMS granted

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I am so excited I can hardly type this post! We just got confirmation today from Immigration that our Skilled health waiver has been passed and we have got our 857 visas. We had been offered these as a possible option as I had failed the medicals due to a kidney transplant. After lots of paperwork and form filling we finally got there. And we did it all on our own. We did not use an agent or a lawyer. Not that I am saying this was the right move to make but it worked for us. I did all the paperwork and research. And thankfully it has paid off.


Time now to celebrate! I hope everybody else's dreams come true just like ours,

Sian xxx

14/03/2012 App for RSMS Cert, 10/04/2012 Received ack letter from Immi for 857 app, 22/05/2012 Letter from Immi looking for further doc, 26/06/2012 Offer of RSMS Skilled Health Waiver from Immi due to failing medical, 13/07/2012 Sent Skilled Health Waiver documentation

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