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Which type of visa???

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Help....I have been given so much conflicting information by a number of migration experts. I am a Marketing Specialist with over 8 years experience and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. My husbands sister is a PR of Australia, residing in Redcliff, Brisbane, postcode 4020. I have been told I qualify for a 489 Visa by one migration expert, but another has told me I don't and only qualify for an ACT 190, and another saying I qualify for a 457 Long Stay Temporary Business Visa....I am so confused and this is obviously mnaking me very dubious about migration experts.


I ideally would like to be with my sister in law as this is a base for us and she will offer lots of support. Can anybody help...PLEASE

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Well you will only be able to get a 457 if you have an employer to sponsor you.


For the state sponsored you will have to have a look at the lists and see if your job is on any of them.

Not very many of the family sponsored visas are given out each year at all (at the moment at least).


Then see if you are likely to pass the skills assessment for that job.


I can recommend George Lombard. He knows his stuff, and as you have found out, there are lots who don't.

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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