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Advice needed from British Police officers already joined WA Police

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Hi all

I am in the process of putting in an application for WA Police as it appears they are still recruiting overseas bobbies. One of my friends has already been accepted and he is now just waiting for his visa.


The main issue for me is the whole concern of the standard of living and jobs for my wife if we make the move. I know the standard of living thing is sometimes personal but I would just like to get an idea what you guys would think of our potential move....so here goes.


I would hope we would like a 3-4 bed detached house and it doesn't need the major mod cons of swimming pool etc. I would think we would bring a 20k deposit ($30k) at least and would set an initial budget of $350,000 dollars for a house.


Is it going to be possible to get a mortgage/afford the mortgage and all other associated costs on the one wage of a Police Officer. I think the wage will be $75,000 dollars taking into account my previous service. How much is the take home on that?


The house would not have to be near the beach as I wouldn't mind driving but I wouldn't argue being withing walking distance if possible. Mainly it would just have to be in a nice quite area with a few shops, pubs and places to eat out near by. Basically so we have no less that what we have in our small town of Silsden (near Ilkley) if anyone knows it.


My wife would hope to find a job soon enough but we would need to know that we could get by without struggling initially and would obviously rent in the first instance. I have been told not to work out the cost of living in pounds as it's just not realistic. The obvious increase in salary is attractive but if the household costs, commute costs and general living costs are way more than here in England I would like to know. I think what would be the best help possible would be someone who has been in the same boat recently and has had the same budget's in mind. How have you got on etc?? I have also been told that if successful I would be posted in the metro area. Is the public transport good or would I need a car? I have been told cars aren't cheap in WA. I would only need a small family car around 3-5 years old I would think. My current car is a small 1.2 petrol familiy car that cost us £5000 at three years old. So some sort of comparison would help.


Well if you've got this far I really do appreciate your time just for taking time to read this thread.


Your help will be greatly recieved


Thank you



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Welcome to poms in oz.


It is more expensive for lots of things here, but then things like your commute will be much cheaper as petrol is relatively cheap.

I think lots of people make out it is more expensive than it is really. Your main cost will be rent. Have a look on sites like realestate.com.au for the areas you are thinking of and it should help you get some idea.


In my opinion you will be fine on $75k (I'll swap ya lol) but then lots of other people would think that wasn't enough. It really is subjective.


Good luck.

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Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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Its not just the headline pay with most government or Police jobs, most employers will allow you ``salary sacrifice`` ie have rent or motgage paid out of your salary pre tax and therefore drop you a tax band. Good luuck.

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Sounds good, i see that you can get nice properties on the suburbs for $350k. But it's hard to know where considering Armadale is more than reasonable but then contradicting views on whether its a bit dodgy or not??

Also seen some nice places south of perth like Leda? Really difficult though as I can tell you exactly why certain areas around me are cheaper than others. I just hope I dont get lulled into a false sense of security thinking oz life will be better and then realise that wanting to live in a nice enough area with good transport links costs far too much.

I've been working out that if I had a $2000 mortgage per month and lets say $1500 a month for food, bills, transport etc that would leave me with around $1000 to $1500 a month free. Sounds enough but is it in Oz terms?

it doesn't even include private health care. And why do so many Oz folk take out private?? Isnt medicare good enough???

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We are retired and only have Medicare but can not fault it -we have been here 30 years

Here is SA though and we spend around $70 a week on petrol as its expensive plus there is the distance factor

When I worked I covered a round trip of 60 ks a day and to me that was average -travelling time can add 2 hours to your working day here

I feel a lot of imigrants just cant visualise the distances covered in Oz

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