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Apologies for posting negative comments

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I was watching Thursday's 'Wanted Down Under' about bubbly northern couple who have emigrated to NSW Central Coast. They absolutely LOVE it there (I think the lady said she still pinches herself to believe she is actually there?)


I sometimes reply to posts extolling a 'pro-living in England' point of view although I love Sydney and intend to live there again.


I couldn't cope with my workload in my last Sydney job and I started doing more and more overtime - every night plus all day Saturdays - but I still could not cope. (cue violins) Lack of confidence made me think that I had a normal workload but I just did not work fast enough. (cue even more violins, much sobbing) To compound it, I was doing a degree part time at UNSW.


Eventually I was made redundant and returned to the UK for a holiday. I did not intend to stay this long but I've got a job with Royal Mail that is SO GOOD compared to my Sydney job. I work exactly 8 hours a day (not a single MINUTE's overtime) with zero stress and no commuting hassles as I work late shift.


The thing that scares me about returning to Sydney is that I might have to do another awful job. No one will ever convince me that commuting in Sydney's rush hour is better than any other comparable big city.


Anyway, that's why I may sometimes appear to be saying 'Australian Heaven Can Wait - I prefer living in UK Hell.



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Guest billy braveheart

Hi Dave,

i can understand where youre coming from altho i obviously dont know,

everybody is different and everyone will have different experiences of living here,hat of to you for going back to as you say a normal working routine,

i work the same hours as i did in the uk although i start earlier and finish earlier ,i know i wouldnt want to come here and work everyday all day and the weekends ,i count myself as lucky as if i want to work weekends i can and if i dont, i dont. at the end of the day its your life no one elses,if you didnt like it then so be it no one ever said that if you migrate its gonna work ,its a gamble that we all hope will work so why apologise


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Hi Dave


I completely agree with Billy, there's no need for you to apologise. All you can do is give a balanced view of what your experience has been, and it's a good thing that we hear of everyone's experiences, good and bad.


Life's too short to be unhappy, wherever you are, and at least you tried it.


Best wishes


Mrs Tyke

"You Can Tell A Yorkshire Lass, You Just Cannot Tell Her Much "

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