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Billy Poole

Schooling for a 15 year old currently year 10 in uk

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Hi I'm 15 years old and doing GCSE's in Maths,English,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,History,Geography,Photography,RE and Food Technology at my school. I'm quite academic at school and hope to go to university. My Family are very keen on leaving the uk and moving to Adelaide . I could be out there in weeks or months as people in Australia really want my stepdad to work for them and are keen to get him as soon as possible although I have the option to stay . My ambitions in life are to go and live in America but to do that I need good qualifications (dont know what career I want to take yet so have left it quite open).My questions are ....What's the education like there.is it good ? Is it better to stay in the uk? Are kids in Australia nice around my age? Would I suffer from the move as I have already done a quarter of my exams ? Thanks

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It all depends on when you turn 16 and when you arrive in Australia. It's really a matter of opinion but if you have the choice you might be better continuing until you have done A levels as that keeps all your options open - once you step off the GCSE merry go round, as you know, it would be difficult to step back on it. A levels travel well to Aus for university entry (ie you need relatively lower A level grades for equivalent courses in Aus universities whereas you need much higher yr Aus yr 12 scores and may have to do a foundation year before university. Also, if you were to decide that you wanted to do a 3yrs honours degree in UK compared with a 4 yr honours degree in Australia and were to return to UK from Australia at that point you would be up for international student fees.


If you were to go to Australia then you need to be there in the January of the year you are just 16 or just about to turn 16. If you leave it to later in the year you would disadvantage yourself potentially as the final 2 yrs of school is an assessable course and it would like trying to do well at A levels when you have missed a good part of the course teaching.


i guess it will be your parents' decision in the end.

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