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676 tourist visa- recent time onshore

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Hey guys! Thanks for all your help with my visa issues up to this point. My British boyfriend and I recently logged a de facto visa and your help was so appreciated.


i need to be back in Australia in early feb to start back at uni and our partner visa isn't due to be finalized until early June. My partner is going to come with me on a tourist visa.


since feb- June is 5 months it would be ideal for us to apply for the 676 tourist visa that allows stays up to 6 months.


however- I've read people have been declined on this visa because of 'recent time spent onshore'..


he has been to Australia on a tourist visa in early 2011 and on a working holiday visa in late 2011- feb 2012... So it has been almost a year since he was last onshore.


does anyone know if this will count as recent time onshore? Has anyone had a tourist visa 676 6 month granted with more recent time onshore?


if its going to be risky we will just apply for the tourist visa eta which is automatic for Brits! (Right?)


thanks in advance :):)

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No, the eta can still be turned down. Personally I would apply for the six month visa and just be totally honest about why you want it. They may want to see proof that he can support himself for that long.

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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but do you think that it is likely to be refused because he's been onshore within the last year? Or is that refusal reason more for people that have been to Australia within the last weeks/months?

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