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Bricklayer thinking about moving to oz

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Hi, I'm Fraser. For the past year i've heard stories from friends about how they have visited australia and had the best time. Now i am thinking ' why shouldnt i go for it'



basically ive decided to make a move and find out more about this but i just dont know where to start. I am a bricklayer to trade and would preferrably like to do this line of work in Aus but anything would do.



can anyone help me out? let me know where to start and how to find jobs and accomodation?

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As MaryRose02 has stated, those links will give you a rough idea of how to go about starting the journey, as well as ascertaining your eligibility for various visas etc.


I am also a bricklayer, who alongside my wife are planning to move early next year on a permanent residency 190 visa. If you do decide to go for it, and require further information on any of the stages involved in gaining visa (for residency visa there are a lot) then please drop us an email on here and i will try and help you out.


It aint easy, it aint quick and it aint cheap, just hope its worth it.

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