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has anyone left 857 visa early?

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Im really struggling at the moment and feel really isolated. and im looking at my options in to leaving early and if anyone else has had experience with this. i really dont want to leave Australia but i need to be somewhere where there's a bit of life.

Has anyone left early?

did your visa get cancelled?

did you have to move to another regional area or to a city?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

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Most of the information around seem to state that you need to stay at least one year with your employer before you're in the "safe" zone (that is, you've made a "genuine effort" to stay with your employer).




If you being where you are is causing your mental health to deteriorate, that can be a factor in DIAC's decision as well - I'd just have some documentation to back that up.


Even with all that said, DIAC can still technically cancel your visa up to 2 years, so nothing is guaranteed - it's a gamble on your part if you leave your employment early.


Other than immigration potentially cancelling your visa, if you've signed an employment contract of any sort with any clauses, there may be issues you'll have to sort out outside of immigration issues (i.e. you having to pay back for any costs relating to relocation, visa fees, etc. that your employer may have paid for you).

08/02/10 - 175 App Lodged (G5); 30/03/11 - 175 Ack Letter; 11/02/14 - CO assigned for 175 Visa;

31/05/12 - RSMS RCB Lodged; 27/06/12 - RSMS Nomination Lodged, DRC; 27/07/12 - RCB Approved; 01/08/12 - Nomination Ack Letter; 09/10/12 - Nomination Approved; 11/10/12 - RSMS 187 App Lodged - DRC; 14/11/12 - App Ack Letter; 10/12/12 - RSMS Visa Granted!

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Thanks for the reply. i dont want to go into too may details but i have been on my 857 over a year and i wouldnt risk it till after that, my health hasnt been great and i paid for everything. ive also been with the employer 2 1/2 year in total


Thanks again

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