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Guest Andy_P

Sposoring timescales

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Guest Andy_P

Can anyone help me with the following:


1. Typically, how long does an application for a 457 temorary sponsorship visa take to be processed?


2. How long does it take for a company to be registered as a sponsor and to nominate positions for sponsorship?



As I understand it, the answer to '1' is around 2 to 3 months. (Yes?)


However, I don't know about '2'.


My reason for asking the second question is that I am looking for sponsorship, and a company would like to talk to me, but they are not geared up for sponsoring. In their words 'it is a long drawn out process that can take up to a year' to be able to sponsor.


Aaaaggghhhh! Finally get a bite from a company, but they cannot offer sponsorship.


I would love some info or a link on this if anyone can help.


Many thanks,



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