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Guest missynicola

Trying to make new friends in/ near Perth or tips on how to do it.

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Guest missynicola


My name is Nicola, Im 30 and am moving to Perth in 6 days with my kids Ethan (9) and Sophie (7).

I have lots of family and friends in the UK and am worried as my partner works away that I will be lonely.

I was a member of pommsprincess on Facebook but that has closed down now.

What did you guys do to make friends?

I know I will meet a few people when the kids go to school Im just looking for some advice? tips and people in the same situation to talk to.

Ive opened an instagram to put on photos of our adventure for my friends and to help make new friends

My user name is missy_ppic if you would like to add me or leave me a message.

I've never been on anything like this so sorry f I sound like a loner :) hard to know what to say

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I don't have any kids myself, like you say I'd imagine you could make friends with the parents of your kids' new friends.


If you have any hobbies that's a good way meeting people. Should be plenty of clubs and what not in Perth..

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