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Construction/civil /mining training- jobs etc

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We have been in Sydney now for 9 months and hubby has been working solidly since his PR came through. He drives a manitou and works 6 days, brings home around 1300 net per week. So it is not to shabby. He has always wanted to do the crane course and that will be about 2000 AUD and should increase his daily rate further. I am wondering about him doing excavator/loader type training also, again another 2000-3000 AUD. Paying 3000 AUD per month rent is killing us and I just want usto be able to buy somewhere 9and live the dream LOL). In Sydney where we are properties are around the mill mark!! I have seen places I like along the coast for half that. Childcare costs are extortionate in Sydney also and I have two under 4.


I see loads of jobs advertised around QLD for excavators etc and even know someone working for Synergy on a FIFO from Sydney, was just wondering on the work propsects.


Sorry this is all so disjointed. So assumig I can get another teaching job somewhere , what do you thing the best training options for the other half, to maximise employability and work chances. I have read the threads on here about mining slowing right down.....



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Firstly, be very careful about which excavator he trains in as mine excavators are nothing like the sort you see in construction.


Second, there are a lot of roles FIFO from Sydney. It was the reason I was happy to leave Sydney for Perth as there just isn't the work available on a FIFO from there.


Lastly, it would be a big gamble as there has / is a big slowdown in the industry. He would be chasing roles where experienced applicants are applying and mines vastly prefer experience in the environment.


Be careful about trying to chase the FIFO "dream". There is good reason why most people who try it don't last.


Lastly, be careful about looking at seek and thinking there are lots of jobs as many of the adverts will be advertising the same job.

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Thanks stormy, we not even necessarily thinking of FIFO or even mining. Just working where we can afford to buy .

In fact hubby just said to me that the training on escavators is not a great idea without the chance to use it and get experienced as you would get chucked off a job if you couldn't use it properly.


His thinking is cranes are used all over and that is where his training should be.... Sigh I don't know!

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