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Construction related career prospects in Oz !?!?

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Hi all,


My wife and i are currently 'going through the motions' toward gaining our 190 (state sponsored visa) for either WA or SA.


We are hoping to expect to be invited to apply early 2013.


I am a fully qualified time served bricklayer, and whereas i am no longer currently working as a bricklayer within the UK (due mainly to the severe economic downturn), i am using my trade experience to gain access into Oz via the skill requirement (as bricklayer is still currently on various state SOL).


Meanwhile, back at home, due to the effects of the economic downturn, 2 years ago i started studying toward a HNC in building studies (one day a week, as there wasn't much work about anyway). After recently graduating from my HNC, as the only doors gaining the qualification has opened for me are toward further study, 'toward Hons Degree level', plus the fact that the industries economy hasn't really picked up any, i have decided to pursue studying toward my degree in building surveying.


With this in mind, my wife and i have eventually decided were prepared to continue with securing the 190 visa immediately, and upon receiving it, activating it with a holiday over there (which we cant really afford to be honest) and returning to complete my studies, with a view that on immediate completion of them in 2015, we would relocate to Oz before our 5 year relocation period would expire (which would be disasterous after all we would have been through).


The main question i have for all you 'lovely people' is...


...... would having a recently qualified degree in Building Surveying, seriously make much of a positive difference toward me finding work over in Oz? Bearing in mind that, although i have many years work experience within the industry as a bricklayer, i have no experience as a building surveyor. And whereas i'm constantly seeking to secure work placements within the UK in order to gain this experience, due to the way things are over here, together with the fact that i cant afford to simply volunteer in order to gain experience (which is what some people are having to do in the NW), there s a real possibility that i'll end up qualifying without any....


Am i wasting my time with university or is it worth waiting out the next 3 miserable years as it would give me more career prospects when i eventually do emigrate?


I have also heard horror stories regarding the role of building surveyor in Oz is more similar to our role of a project manager, if any one can give me any further information on this id really appreciate it.


Do the Ozzie construction companies recognise a HNC qualification? Would this in itself present me with further work opportunites, or would i still be stuck 'on the trowel', which i don't mind doing whilst i'm young enough, but do intend to one day come off the tools and use my experience within an office/supervisory role.


It s very much a case of ... our heads says... do the degree, don't be impatient! ... but our hearts say ... bugger it, you only live once, lets get over there asap!


Any information relating to any of the questions i seek advice toward would be greatly appreciated, i would also love to hear from anyone who may be going through a similar journey, i'm well aware i'm not on my own.


Cheers everyone.....

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Hi Ben, by all accounts you start at the bottom once in Oz, gaining local experience and all that. There will be people on here better placed to answer that. I am a site manager with 12 years experience, hnc also and making the move in Jan. Have you thought of doing the degree whilst in Oz, maybe by distance learning. I am planning on completing degree whilst there, probably by distant learning. Takes about 15hrs per week and will set you back circa 15k.

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