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1 Year Visitors VISA

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Guest GeorgeD
Can anyone tell me if it is possible still to get 2 years stay out of 1 year Vistors VISA? :smile:


Yes it's possible. It's also illegal. Get a tent, head off to the bush and hide at the end of the first 12 months. They won't find you for 12 months.


Which visa do you have? If it's a WHV, you can do 3 months rural work and get a second 12 month WHV. If it's a tourist visa and you aren't working, you may be able to leave and come back, etc. not sure what other 12 month visas there are.


Joking aside, if you overstay, you risk being banned from Australia for 3 years. This could also have an effect on any future visa you may apply for. If you are found (or reported) you face the risk of being kicked out the country and banned. Best to avoid.

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If the visa allows multiple entries, then you can stay for up to 12 months each time you enter. So in theory you can leave and re-enter on the last day the visa is valid and stay for a year. If you first entered on the first day it was valid then you would have almost two years.


Of course you might get more questions from immigration at the border to check you are still on holiday.

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