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Big smoke to country town: any tips?

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We moved to Sydney just over a year ago, and while we love its 'big city-ness' we are more outdoorsy small city/town type people. Luckily we knew this before we came, and have always been planning to move on to somewhere smaller eventually.


We are thinking/hoping/planning to make the move from Sydney to Bunbury/Bussleton in WA over the next year, and I wondered if anyone had any tips for:


  • How to find jobs in small places (do we need to be there first?)?
  • How to physically move our stuff?
  • Differences/observations?
  • Is moving without a job very risky? (I will do any job, and we have savings to keep us going if needed)



Any advice or tips from you lovely PIOers would be very welcome :smile: Also planning a couple of specific posts on the jobs and WA boards.



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We moved from Sydney to Mandurah which is a small town between Perth and Bunbury. Have been here 4 years now and love it.


Jobs. It will depend on what you do as to how easy you find it and likelihood of finding something before you go. Both are small towns and too far from Perth to commute to Perth.


There are numerous moving companies. I think we used Grace. It was expensive coming in at about the same cost of moving from the UK - about $5k. Luckily the move was for work and they picked up the bill. It will depend on how much stuff you have. I do know of people that have done it themselves by hiring a van and spent a week driving it over then driven the van back and flew back to WA. Not sure if it was actually cheaper.


Differences. Totally different. Much slower pace of life. Days are much more based on the beach, walking the dog and things. The disadvantage is nightlife. It is much more limited. If you want a night at a really good restaurant or something then it becomes a bit of a mission.


Moving without a job is risky, but so was the move to Oz.

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Thanks VERYSTORMY - really useful.


We moved over here with nothing last year, and I rather like the challenge and excitement of the unknown! I guess moving is always a risk, but you have to take a few chances in life I think!


Good to know there are some removal options. I quite like the idea of driving all the stuff there!



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