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Guest Holyman

Are they looking for us?

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Guest Holyman

After reading the press last week, it now appears Australia are looking for an abundance of skilled people to work in their fair land.


We have wanted to go for ages, but thought we were not skilled enough or too old. I am 43, wife 39 and kids 4, 3.


Fit the bill for a category but in work experience rather than professional qualifications - will that be a problem?


Will have a fair bit of equity and don't mind investing in government shares, but just want to go about the whole thing in the right way as disposable income is always needed with 2 small kids.


Can anyone help with a bit of advice. I look after Tesco's fleet of HGV's at a major depot and wanted to know if contacting major road haulage companies in Oz would be of use or should I approach for potential sponsorship?.


Any idea's? I would be really grateful and look forward to hearing from anyone with sound advice.







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Guest Tim

Have you tried the points test?

Its a good starting place for seeing if you can qualify without sponsorship. From what I can remember you gets some points for investing in a goverment backed scheme for a few years. The best place to start would be http://www.immi.gov.au

Look for booklet 6.


alternatively does your wife/partner have enough points?

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