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Quite weird, shall we provide the same documents but certified in different timeline

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Hi there,


I am waiting for VETASSES’s skill assessment result and looking forward doing EOI as soon as I get a positive feedback from VETASSES. Before reaching my final goal, visa subclass 190 or 489, I notice there are some documents requested by DIAC, such as birth certification, evidences to support point test (such as qualification document, employer work reference…etc) aren’t those the same documents we had sent to VETASSES?


Shall we just provide Advisory Letter to DIAC without sending the same documents again? (like work reference, payslips, taxation record...etc) I had asked the notary public for two copies for each document as applying skill assessment, so, may I use those already certified document later (say couple months later) for DIAC’s request if no changes in circumstance? Or it is must to give new certified original ones with a signature and date from notary public again?:confused:


Please let me know if I have misunderstanding and welcome your experience to share, thanks.



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VETASSESS and DIAC are independent of each other.


Therefore any documents that DIAC require as part of your visa application will need to be sent to them even if you have sent them to Vetassess for your skills assessment previously.


When uploading your documents you can used the certified documents you already have, or you can use colour scans the original documents.

Tiawanna (Tee) Taylor

Registered Migration Agent MARN 1279203

Taylor Made Immigration www.taylormadeimmigration.com

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Thank you Taylor,

One more question, what if after skill assessment letter (positive) I get from VETASSESS, I change my job (same position, industry, in other words, our company's competitors now), does it mean I need to start again from skill assessment or only I need to do is mentioning it on the form 1022 (Notification of changes in circumstance) also attached related documents such as new company's payslips, contract? Thanks for help in advance.

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