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Hi There,


I am after you advice!


I am currently in the process of agreeing a contract that would see myself and y family move over to Australia as of January with me coming over 1st and the family to follow sometime in March/April.


Now i will be based in South Australia covering western Melbourne over to Adelaide and everything in between and we need to decide on area in which to relocate.


Firstly the area has to be suitable for me with good road transport links, good schools for my 14 & 10 yr old and enough entertainment to keep everyone occupied. My son is a very keen footballer who is currently at a proffessional club over hear so would be looking to play a decent level and my daughter is a very keen gymnast and swimmer so again somewhere for them.


We are looking at the Highton, Torquay areas and wondered how this area would suit us. My wifes family happen to live in Torquay in the UK and for sentimental reasons she is keen on living hear but is not overly worried as long as we are only 30-45 minutes from the sea.


We are looking at modern style housing in a family area with plenty of kids to keep my youngsters occupied.


I would be very grateful if you could assist me as we have just of 11 weeks before i have to depart and having only found out about the move this weeks makes things all a little scary (as you can imagine)





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You say you will be based in SA but the two places you've mentioned are in Vic near Geelong. Do you not need to relocate near to where you'll be based?

Pleased to say my family and I are now Permanent Residents of Australia! :biggrin:

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