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ENS186 -Direct : Please advise on VETASSESS / Assessment requirements! Please Please Please :)

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The following link : Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

Says that for the Direct Entry stream


If you apply for the Direct entry stream, you must:



  1. provide a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation
  2. provide evidence of at least three years of relevant work experience
  3. have competent English.



For #2 above : Are original letters from my overseas employer / payslip / contract letters sufficient?


For the 186-Direct Entry will DIAC consider 3 years work-ex even if it wasnt submitted to VETASSESS (it is relevant to my nominated occupation)


Previously I used this work experience with DIAC to approve my 457 which I assume they have on file. No assessment was required for the 457.


Now the next question :


I understand what the skill assessment requirements are from VETASSESS.


  • at least one year of employment completed at an appropriate level over the last five years in a highly relevant field to the nominated occupation is required for all nominated occupation.



To speed up the process I've thought of only submitting my 18 months Australian work-ex (Marketing consultant and I just completed a Master of Marketing prior to that @ Uni Syd). So the educational qualification and work extremely tightly related. I also have a reasonably high salary bracket and I am employed by a very reputed firm that operates in my specific industry and I've also consistently been a top performer (certificates/awards to prove this).


So what I specifically need to know is if DIAC will only consider the same work-ex submitted to VETASSESS or the 2 can be independant! biggrin.gifconfused.gifrolleyes.gif

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Anyone care to answer?


Do I need VETASSESS to verify the 3 years of work-ex in order for DIAC to accept it for Direct Entry?


Or does DIAC not care as long as I have a positive skill assessment?

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