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We finally made it!

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Not been on for ages as been settling nicely. Just wanted to share my moving experience. So we shopped around and haggled to death with about 5 companies. We finally settled on simply ship from Aberdeen, even tho we are nowhere near Aberdeen! They were not as cheap as the bigger competitors, maybe 150 more but boy are they professional and I would rather pay a little extra and be sure that my goods were in excellent hands. We used crown a few years ago and when I got them out or a quote they were so impersonal and the lady hardly made eye contact. To me I needed to feel totally comfortable with the company and confident and these guys done that. The boss of their partner firm came out before hand and showed me box sizes and went round the house giving me an idea of what would fit where and he knew his stuff, way more than other companies who sat on iPods and calculators saying no that can't go and that can't go. So 2 days prior to the container going the guys turned up and started packing, they were fantastic, felt totally comfortable with them. Container arrived and in it all went, according to crown I would have needed a 40ft but these guys packed the container like nothing I have ever seen! It was a jigsaw ppuzzle but they managed just about everything, I had a couple of items that they sent separate for me but didn't cost the earth. It was in storage for 2 months this end then the day of moving arrived and they worked all day and at end of day my house from Scotland was sitting in house in Perth. They unpacked everything so we sat down for dinner with ease! So there we go, simply ship aberdeen!

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Guest TheArmChairDetective

Well done and Good luck in your new life.

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