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Fifo nurses?

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G'day all, not been on here for a while, living the dream north of Brisbane right now. Anyone on here had experience of being a fly in fly out nurse? Mental health working specifically?

Arrived 10th August....loving it

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Are you talking about to a minesite or a remote community? Never met a nurse on any minesite that I've been to - they have site paramedics but anyone who needs long term care will be demobbed, they may have some arrangements for the more remote areas where residential towns require staffing on a roster basis. I have a friend who is a nurse on Thursday Island but they wouldn't let her do FIFO from Cairns (unless she paid for it) and she had to move there full time.


I'm sure the guys who work in WA can tall you what their site arrangements are if that's what you're after, In in QLD which may be different as most sites aren't *that* remote

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In WA most of the medics are nurses. Most are employed directly by the mining company, though there are a few specialist agencies as well. I can't remember the names, but I am sure you could find them on google. Though the agency ones need to be prepared for the fact that they may be sent to exploration sites where conditions can be pretty basic or even international which can include some less savory places. The medic on my last site was a nurse and we were in the DRC his last post had been Iraq and he was off to Afganistan next.



Though in mining I have never come across a nurse that specialized in mental health. It is to deal with day to day ailments that someone would otherwise see their GP for and site injuries.

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