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Home phone, internet and cable

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Hi guys,

so we are moving into our new place in Hamton tomo :)

Cant wait. ITs taking along time to get to this point and we are now very broke after paying for the months advance rent, bond, couch, beds, fridge freezer, washing machine etc etc..............


Anyway have it the utilities are being connected properly tomo as well as all the above being delivered...but Ive yet to organise broadband for the house.


I know we can do it too on connectnow but I wanted to just find out a few things first.


We want a FAST internet service (apparently cable is availablein Hampton & FAST) but I see that the following do not allowyou to illegally download.

(The Australian ISPs that have agreed to help in policing infringements are Telstra BigPond, Optus, iiNet, iPrimus and Internode.)

Without getting into a debate about the morality of it....does anyone know if they really do prevent you accessing sites like piratesbay to download torrents.

Obviously we will want to skype home alot and listen to RTE radio and news online. Do ye reckon 8MB will be ok??

I think Telestra have a package for mobile, internet, landline and foxtel for $165 per month.



Any suggestions for me guys???



VETASSES Applied May; granted Sept ** IELTS (L8.5 R9 W9 S9 (Band 9)** VIC SS Appd 18/11/11, granted 6/12/11 **176 lodged 22/1/12 **CO 31/1/12 **Meds refd 9/2 finalised 13/2** PCC 20/2 **GRANTED 28/02/2012 **Hubbie leaves July 1st, baby &me Aug 14th

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We are with Telstra and have ADSL2 and would not change. Its not the cheapest but always been good for us.


I would have a look on the Whirlpool forum and see what others are saying about the area you are going to. If you have wireless it can depend on how far you are from the nearest antenna, and at busy times the outer rim of the antenna get dropped off.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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