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Vetassess October 2012

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Hi guys,


About to embark on a skills assessment for the 186 ENS visa.


Highest Qualification : Masters in Marketing (sydney Uni)

Work experience Post Qualification (Masters) : 19 months fulltime - Marketing / Advertising industry (1 year 7 months)

Proposed docs :

Skill assessment form

Master degree certificate

Masters degree transcripts

Statement of service / employer reference

Tax return


Employment contract


Originals (if copies then notarised by justice of peace)


The above clearly demonstrates I am in the industry and job closely linked to my area of study.


Do I need to submit my undergraduate study/work experience PRIOR to Masters(highest qualification?)


I don't want to slow down the assessment with unnecessary information that is redundant.




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1. Educational Qualifications

Page 5 of 26 of the Application form SRG1 says

"List qualifications relevant to Skill Assessment"


My undergraduate study was in Economics. It is not linked to my current nominated profession or Masters Study.


My Masters study is a Master of Marketing and my 457 TR Visa I was nominated as a Marketing Specialist and I have worked in the Marketing/Advertising industry for 19 months post qualification.


Therefore do I still need to submit my undergraduate degree for the assessment?


2. Payslips

Since I'v worked in Australia for the last 19 months, I plan to submit

Copy of last 6 pay-slips

June 2011 PAYG - Annual summary

June 2012 PAYG - Annual summary

Copy of contract


I feel confident that I have a clear cut positive assessment. Therefore I do not want to include my undergraduate studies and work experience prior to my Masters Degree(as this was done overseas).


I'm just curious if my entire educational history needs to be submitted.


I assume that if I'v successfully competed a Masters from Sydney Uni with high credit average than VETASSESS assumes I went to school and learnt my ABC? :P

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Any input on the above posts guys?


Also : http://www.vetassess.com.au/migrate_to_australia/qa2_faq.cfm#18


[h=3]18. Will all applicants for a Skills Assessment need to have an assessment of their qualifications and employment?[/h]The full assessment is an assessment of qualification and employment, however, applicants who are applying for the on-shore Skilled - Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485) will only require a qualification assessment. After gaining one year of relevant employment, they may apply for the full Skills Assessment to support an application for permanent residency under the skilled migration program.

Thus it appears everyone needs Skills + Qualification assessment ? However from what I read on the forum many apply for just one or the other?




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