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I know this is a general question, but how is the work environment in Oz?

Every time I speak to an Aussie about work, he or she is always complaining about the oppressive atmosphere, being worked to the bone, and not being appreciated enough. I can name company's, but won't do so at this point. This is not to mention the people who are on 457's and who feel abused.


Can anyone share an experience - do you enjoy working in Oz more than you do so in your home countries? Do you notice a different work environment - either one more laid back or harsher?

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It may well depend on the area but in my and my OHs experience it can be tough. We have both seen a number of folk fall by the wayside sometimes due to little more than personality clashes with management.Having been working for NGOs there is constant change and unsuitale people put into positions of power. I am mostly answering this as I had my day in court only yesterday.It went rather well considering I conducted my own defense and an out of court settlement was reached.Neither party got all they sought but that's negotiation. Providing they live up the the agreement I will probably not work again full time and not at all for a year or so even part time or casual,life if far more than work and ugly people.Chances are may not get employment in my area at least in WA ....same place word gets about when somebody is 'difficult'.

But could write a book on the area I was employed in for almost thirteen years. I happiest moment was when the lawyer employed by the other side that I was the most difficult person he has ever had to deal with....

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Guest Guest66881

I have worked in four different places while we have been here, the first was a engineering firm down in Welshpool, a bit grubby and felt like the 1970's inside.

The next two had new or almost new machinery, some of it was up to date cnc styled machinery, which was a surprise considering the first place i worked.

The last and current employer is state of the art.

But, the one common denominator is the personnel, some are really good to work with, but most are really hard work, why i do not know, and all i do is keep away from the face aches and stay loyal to my own standards and fart at will.

A bit like the UK really, only hotter in the summer and windier in the winter, especially if i have had a curry the night before:wink:

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