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I currently work for a print company in the UK as a Business Development Manager.


Is there any chance of getting sponsorship doing a similar thing in oz?


I'm not 30 yet, have been in sales for about 5 years, and print for about a year.

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Guest marcus&lesley

Hi Mark,


I've been through the same situation as you as I am in print sales also. About 18months ago I tried to apply under the Sales & Marketing Manager skill but was turned down straight the way mainly because I didn't work for a multi million pound company (ours turns over about £15 million).


I was advised by a couple of agents to go on a student visa and learn a new skill or open a business while studying, but it is all very expensive and I was told by other agents that this was a very risky route - so no go again as I didn't want to be kicked out after 2 years with my wife and 2 boys.


As you can imagine - wrist slitting time was approaching!!!!


But then as I was researching even more sites, I came across a 163 Business Visa (senior Executive) which is a temporary visa for 4 years where you have to get sponsorship from your chosen Australian State to start up a business.


Your current position has to be within the top 3 layers of your company and the business must have turned over a certain figure in 2 of the last 4 years (can't remember figure). You must also have enough money to take with you (again, cant remember the figure, sorry) The business can be anything and you will need to show them a very thorough business plan. If you get the go ahead to go to Oz on this temporary visa, you then can apply for permanent residency after being in business for 2 years and you must reach a turnover figure of AUD$200,000 (dont need to make a profit) and must employ at least one Australian resident.


Luckily enough, this is a route for me as I am the Sales Director for my company at board level, but as I don't know you position, hopefuly this will be a route for yourself.


For more professional advise you may want to call an agent - the company I'm using is Go Matilda with a guy named Alan Collett. He's always giving advise on this site and I'm sure he will help you as much as he can.


Hope this helps & good luck




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