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WII, XBOX 360's etc

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We have just taken our youngest two shopping so they could spend some of their £'s before we move. We were looking at wii games, and noticed they are more expensive in Australia.


Our kids currently have a wii, psp's, Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo DS's. Will Australia bought games work on these or are they regional like DVD's can be?


We have been considering buying an Xbox 360 too before we left and wondered if this was worth doing or not.


Many thanks,



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They are regional, like DVDs, but some are multi region. Many are both region 2 and 4 but you'd need to check with each individual game.


You'll also probably need new cables as Australian TVs don't have scart sockets (or certainly didn't last time I looked!).

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Guest GeorgeD

AUS xBox 360 games work on a UK xBox 360. AUS DVDs don't, only UK DVDs. So you can use it for local games, but not local movies. If you only have SCART cables you can usually replace with component cables. Anything new will have an HDMI port instead anyway.


Don't know about any console other than the xBOX, sorry.

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