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Any land surveyors (or similar) out there?

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My partner (33) is interested in a complete career change, following our move to Sydney 9 months ago. He's interested in becoming a surveyor (land, etc. rather than quantity/building).


He's done a bit of research on where to start with training, but as a 'mature' student with family commitments he wants to make sure he's makin the right choice before he leaves his steady job and embarks on 4 years of study and the bottom of the ladder again.


Are there any land surveyors (or similar) who would be happy to have a chat with him about the job and/or put him in touch with someone he could do work experience or shadowing with?


Any contacts or advice gratefully received!


Sophie (on behalf of Ru)

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Hi Sophie :wubclub:


Bumping your thread so hopefully someone will be along soon to help you.


Good luck



' Life is but a fleeting moment.....so do not waste a second on something that doesn't make you smile.' :wubclub:

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