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Looking for mining work WA? All Questions Answered !!

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I Have replied to a few realted topics on here, and i have had alot of private messages from people, and have tried my hardest to reply to everyone (sorry if i havent!) I Thought it would be a good idea to make a thread offering all the infomation i have given all in one.

Let me introduce myself, Im Dave and been out here for 7 months!! Not long atall, my background in the UK was a shopfitter for 6 years, then owned my own shopfitting firm for 2 years.


Enough said, I was over the Living to work feeling that I Felt in the UK and felt Fu*k it.. Time for a change! Came out here, laboured for 3 months, then done some odd jobs on the mines and now i have gained full time work in karratha as a TA for a sand blaster/spray painter - Grinding and sanding all day (No experience!)



Step 1... Book your tickets and get the hell out here. None of this 'Should I... Shouldnt I' GET OUT ERE!

Step 2... Join the CFMEU, and ring the CSTC College on radium street in welshpool (Google it) and start booking on to your courses;

Senior First Aid 2 days - Free

White Card and Working at Heights - COMPLETE ONLINE Bluedogtraining (google) - Around $150

Forklift 2 days - (Rrp $290) - $29

Dogging 5 days - (Rrp $790) - $79

Basic Rigging and EWP - 5 Days - (Rrp $1030) - $103

HR Licence - People reccomend this - I Dont have but people opinions vary


Step 3...Get your CV upto date, then get on www.seek.com.au and start applying for jobs, register with 'Skillhire' 'Hays Recruitment' 'ATS' Informing them, that you are seeking FIFO work.


Step 4... Do some labouring work in the mean time to keep you in the working mode + waiting to hear back (may take a month or 2)

Dont lose heart if you dont hear nothing back, keep tryin, be persistent!!!


I understand different people have different outlooks on this. This is how i got on to the mines within a few months of arriving in the UK.

Ask all questions and i will answer :)




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thank you Dave you are a star :) we been busy trying to find out as much as we can and this information is great


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Get asked the question in interview about your tickets and find your membership of the union bars you from most sites in Oz.

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Cool success story, Dave!

All that was with you already having work visa, correct? I do admire your drive- way to go, killer :notworthy:

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I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this................. What on earth does the "dogging" course entail ?!?

Skills as'mt sent 4/6/11-As'mt pass 20/09-IELTS 22/10-WA SS App 5/11-SS Grant 9/11

*Xmas break*

176App 29/01-C.O 17/02-Meds 10/03-Police 22/03-Visa Grant 4/4

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Yeah i am still on a working holiday visa 417.

You dont have to join the union but it will be 90% more expensive!

Haha too rude to say on here.. Google it haha:cute:

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