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Guest alliekate

Yellow Bellied Gliders Anyone ????

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Guest alliekate

This is a long shot, but a couple of times we've been out in the garden late at night watching our frogs, and we've heard the weirdest sound coming from the trees. It's like a really deep and loud "wiiiiiiishhhhhh ooooohhhhh eurrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh", a bit like darth vader on speed and really angry.


The first time I heard it I was alone in the garden and really **** myself, thinking it was some sort of huge man eating snake(lol) But we heard it again last night, got the torches out, and our NQ book on wildlife....... and though we didn't see it, it flew about 100m between 2 trees, and are convinced now it was a yellow bellied glider, or some sort of very weird sounding possum/glider. Strangest thing I have ever heard in my life :biglaugh:


Anyone got any ideas ?


Allie xxx

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