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Unskilled mining/jobs

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Guest liam17oi

Hi all,


I'm 26 and recently redundant. My uncle in Perth has offered me a room and I'm seriously thinking about taking him up on it.


Now, through various relatives it always seemed as if WA were crying out for people in the mining industry and, if lucky enough to be employed in that sector, it's quite lucrative. To contradict that, though, I've seen posts on here stating it's quite hard to get into, especially for unskilled workers (which I would be).


My question is, if it isn't to repetitive for some of you, how or what would be the best way to enter into that sector or failing that I hear there are plenty of other jobs in WA?


Just a bit of background: 26, university educated in History and Journalism, would love to write, have been published. Experience in manual labour, customer service, payroll/admin.


Great site by the way.



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Go for it mate. You are still young and come out here on a 417 working holiday visa.

You dont necessaraly have to go on the mines to come over here, the city work is rather well paid aswell. Manual labour work from $20-$25+ per hour depending.

I cannot give you advice on any other types of work other than manual labour/mining. If you check out www.seek.com.au they have lots of jobs on there and may give you a better idea.


Tip - Book your working holiday visa, book your flights THEN get excited!! Otherwise you will think yourself out of it. I was in the exact same situation, i actually took voluntary redundancy mind you, then just booked to come out of here!


Good Luck

Send me a PM if you require more help

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I think that as you are young,unemcumbered and have a fall back uncle, you should just go for it. What a lark!!! The worst that can happen is you don't find work and you have to rely on family to come home again.

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