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Tom Amy Lancaster

Motor Mechanic Demand/Wages & SkillSelect - Brisbane Area

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Hi everyone, I came across this site last week & so far have found a huge amount of information through it.


We are in the beginning stages of our process - having decided this month to stop talking about it, & just get on with making the move.


I'm Amy (28), my partner Tom (30), who's a mechanic with 10 years experience & our 2 boys Oliver who's 4 & Harry, who's 2.


I've been researching allsorts, from different suburbs & rents, cost of living & I've done this weeks online shop with Coles to get an idea of the cost of groceries etc, i've done car insurance quotes based on our current vehicle which we are considering importing, fuel costs, looked at Broadband/Phone subscriptions & mobile phone contracts, gas/electric costs & so on. So all in all for the general everyday things I think I've looked into everything (unless there's anything someone thinks I have overlooked).


We'd be hoping to either get a skilled independent, but have been reading up on sponsored visas. There's also the new SkillSelect to consider - what if we get through all the skills assessments etc, i presume there's then a chance that we could sit in the system for years with no invitation to lodge our visa?


Ideally we're looking at the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, but nothing is set in stone at the moment.


So, does anyone have an idea of what Tom can look to earn as an experienced mechanic? Would $60,000 be a reasonable amount to expect? & what is the demand in the Bris/GC area?


I would be staying at home looking after the children initially, but would then look at getting a job once the boys are both at school - obviously this depends on how long the process takes, if they're both in school when we made the move I'd be looking at getting a job straight away.


My mind is completely blown at the moment with all the information, but I am so excited to get the process moving forward.


Sorry for the long post - just trying to get a few things straight in our heads so we know whether it's actually a viable option.



Amy & Tom

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Good luck with the move. You might also think about gaining a sponsor.? I am in the Nt and have 3 gold coast mechanics working for me, all left due to very poor wages and job prospects. I would find a job first, than chooose where you are going to live. A lot of people `choose`an area and then after they arrive are posting that where are the jobs? You don`t want to find a house, move, then have your husband fly in/out or need to commute for 4 hours a day because there is no work, will put a lot of pressure on the move and your relationship. Not trying to put you off -). Just because you do a year living in `x` doesn`t mean you wont end up living in `z` a year down the line. There is a good mechanics thread in the work section here. Good luck .

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My partner is a mechanic and currently on 50k but still in probation. We are in Toowoomba but moving as I can't find job in Toowoomb. It generally looks like %) - 60K is what mechanics get as start salary and most places doing bonus and overtime. From our experience $30 per hour is max you get for light vechicle mechanics in QLD.

I am sure there will be someone who will correct me but this has been our experience.

I agree with sussex boy, first find job, get sorted and then look for area you want to live in. Would be nice if you can get it all in one go.

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We've done our budget based on him earning $50k, which I *think* is doable for us - it's roughly what we earned here in England, but we're not expecting to be better off financially, as long as we can match how we are here, we'll be happy. It's encouraging to know that there are bonuses/overtime available. Will your partner' salary increase when probation has finished?


How easy did your partner find a job? Did he apply before you went out? Does he find there to be much difference between the English & Aussie ways of mechanising/working?


This was our discussion last night, & we agreed that he would have to find a job, before settling on an area for living BUT we're not sure how easy it would be securing a job whilst still in England. Obviously, as soon as flights were booked & we had a date for going over we could start seriously looking & applying - but would they be a bit reluctant to employ until meeting him in person!?


So many questions - sorry! & thanks for your responses so far!

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I'm a qualified light vehicle mechanic just north of Brisbane. 50k is average for a mechanic in Brisbane. I get abit of a better deal than that, they will pay more for the right person.


Is he a dealership mechanic or done most of his work in "back street" garages? Depending on this and what experience he has I might be able to point him in the direction of my ex-employer who sponsored me.


Its also worth knowing that if he can specialise in electrics. (I'm currently going through recognised prior learning for this) or has ever worked on trucks you can apply to have your skills recognised and get a trade certificate. Diesel fitters and auto electricians are in big demand and they pay top dollars. Id say 80-90k for either of these skills in Brisbane. If he wants to do FIFO (fly in fly out) work the more like 150 even up to 190k a year.


Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



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My husband is a experienced Audi Mechanic with 30 years experience , Unless he is qualified to a specified dealership then he can expect to earn between $43,000 to $48,00 IF IN A DEALERSHIP THEN $52,000.This is based on a 38hr week with NO SATURDAYS how ever if up in the SUNNY COAST AREA it could be only about $48,00 in a dealership , you might get more if directly in the CBD.If he gets intouch with the dealership HE IS WITH IN UK , they can email vacancies from Australia to the same dealership here in Australia.We lived for 2 yrs on the Sunny coast near Mooloolaba and even with Lexis and Mercedes they could not match the money the Gold coast were offering my husband so we moved from Audi in the Sunshine coast down to the Gold coast where we have been for the last 17 months . Hope this helps.

You also have to allow for medical expenses eg Dentist , Ophthalmic and your prescriptions how ever you may qualify for Medicare rebate .

LIFE IS FULL OF CHANGE ................. Well that just makes me appreciate my life a whole lot more.......... & moving to oz & giving my children a better start in life! ♥♥♥♥ living on the Gold Coast now and very happy

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Sorry, just seen the reply from Amy/Tom Lancaster.

Partner would have got more money after probation but now we moving to Townsville. He will start off with higher wage in Townsville than what he started on in Toowoomba. Again should go up after probation. I have been doing a bit of temp work but we've been fine on 50K. No kids though.

It was very easing for partner to get work. He saw the ad on SEEK couple of weeks before we came over. They basically said he's got the job, just wanted to meet him. Now with Townsville, he spoke to guy on phone and guy said job is his as long as he can proof he can do what is on his CV.

He does find it alot different, good and bad. If you have specific questions, let me know and I will ask him. Don't want to put too many details on here, pl PM us if you require more info. He works for a dealership.

Like other people have said, they are crying out for mechanics over here, so don't think it will be too difficult to get job, depending on experience.

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Hi Nathan, I am moving to the Brisbane area from the US in December. Looking at house north of Brisbane. I am a light duty mechanic that has training on the big rigs as well. but I prefer light duty. I have been a dealer mechanic for many years and also owned my own Mechanic shops (2 locations) I am certified in America for all aspects of the automobile including electrical. If you would extend your offer of pointing me to your ex-employer I would be very interested. I don't need a sponsor as I have already obtained permanent resident because I have been married to my Australian wife for 3 years. But, I am in need for a job. I have 3 small children to support so I hope I can get employed fairly quick.

Also I am told that you need some kind of license to be a mechanic in Australia. Is this something I can apply for now so that I am ready when I get there? And what, where and how do I do this.

Thank you. Feel free to add me as a friend. I will send the request if you choose to accept or not.


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